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This site is primarily aimed at those who want to collaborate with me, to better know me, but also to those I have worked together with, for over 35 years, in the field of electrical engineering under the IEEE sign. Presently, I am honored to act as Senior Member.

I consider myself as a product of the city of Iasi, here I was born, I have been educated as man and as professional; this process of continuous becoming should go on even today.

My professional destiny (but not only) is related to the Iasi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which I graduated in 1980 and where I returned as a (not very) young assistant ten years later.

I have had and still have various functions and responsibilities, didactic, scientific or social. I had access to these dignities because I was considered a product but also a representative of the IASI centennial School of Electrical Engineering.

Of all these functions, the most important one seems to me the Study Counselor of the fourth year student group, Instrumentation and Data Acquisition (IAD).

The destiny of my life fits with the old Latin adage: "Quae nocent docent!" In a fairly free translation: what is gained through hard work is appreciated and not ... easily depreciated!

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